How To Remove The Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Virus

How To Remove The Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Virus

The Fake Microsoft Security Essentials virus is unfortunately hitting so many people’s computers the past few months that it has been one of the most successful attempts at infecting people’s computers. The reason for this is because that it’s creators have spent the time and the effort to make it look as legitimate as possible and they had proven to be victorious at one point because their virus had infected over 5000 computers in 2 months. They did this via means of spam emailing, infecting websites, infecting links and sometimes hacking peoples computers. Once the infection has installed itself onto your computer its not long before it begins to take effects as you will be sure to spot a few things, which are very important to notice if you are going to remove the infection from your computer and gain control of your system back again.

The creators of the fake Microsoft Security Essentials virus have obviously worked at making the virus look as legitimate as possible and it has worked because so many people have fallen victim to the infection and many back accounts too. The way the virus works is to secretly gain access to your computer and install itself without you knowing and it does this by different ways, a few of them are mentioned above, which are:

  • Spam emails
  • Infected websites
  • Infected links
  • Computer hacking
  • People actually downloading the virus because of it’s legitimate looks

Above are the main ways of how the fake Microsoft Security Essentials virus is able to gain access to your computer. Once the virus has gained access to your computer it is then able to get to work, and it does this by blocking the processes sent by the computer and so you will notice programs suddenly closing down and when you try to load the Internet for example you will find that you are unable to do it because the virus is blocking the necessary process and information from the registry to be able to complete the task.

Once the virus has taken hold of most of your computer you will then notice it will suddenly appear on your desktop and will look like it is scanning your computer and it will always without a shadow of a doubt find viruses, infections, Trojans, malware or Adware because they need to gain our trust so they show you fake results in order to lure you into a false sense of security. When the virus 영상협박 has stopped ‘scanning’ your computer it will then persuade you to purchase the full upgrade in order to remove the threats that it has supposedly found on your computer. DO NOT under any circumstances continue with this as your bank account will regret it and in some cases people’s accounts have actually been emptied and the money is used to fund other criminal activities.

However in order to remove the fake Microsoft Security Essentials virus it is recommended that you use a program called Frontline Rogue Remover, which has been specifically designed to remove fake antivirus infections.

It is also highly recommended that you perform a completely scan of your computer’s registry as your computer has gone under some radical changes, which means that the registry which is a virtual database full of highly sensitive hierarchical information crucial for the computers infrastructure may have been altered or damaged due to the virus and may cause your computer to experience some major errors and failures if not dealt with immediately.



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