How to Choose the Right Decorating Style For Your Home

How to Choose the Right Decorating Style For Your Home

Choosing the right decorating style is important to making your home feel like your own. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out what your style is, but there are clues you can use to help yourself figure it out. What stores do you shop at? What magazines do you read? Asking yourself these questions will help you get a glimpse at your individual sense of style. You can learn even more about your style preferences by taking a good look at your own home. Similar trends or even items that tend to repeat themselves in your home are a clear indication of your style preference. Like a certain room best? This is probably a good indication that that room possesses the kind of style that most appeals to you.

Sometimes items that look the most out of place can offer the best clues. Do you have a piece of furniture that doesn’t match the room it’s in, but you absolutely love it? This might be a sign that that piece has the kind of style you love, but you might have been afraid to go in that style direction for an entire room or your entire home. There are lots of clues to what your real style preference is, and if you keep your eye out, you’ll know how you should be decorating in no time.

Before deciding on a decorating style, consider the style of your dwelling itself. While this doesn’t have to completely determine the way you decorate, it does play a role. If you live in a modern high rise, a country look might not be for you, though that might look great in a small brick house. Multiple styles will often work, but there may be one or two that may not. On the other hand, choosing a completely opposite style could work in some cases if you’re willing to be bold.

Retro Style
Bright colors, vintage appliances, the Jacobsen Egg Chair- sound appealing? If these things are what excite you, retro style may very well 레트로  be for you. Decorating in retro style enables freedom of expression and the ability to combine dissimilar pieces in a way that comes together in your home. If you enjoy scavenging for 1950’s vintage items and pieces that come with stories, retro decorating is for you.

Some well known pieces that coordinate well with retro style are mid-century modern classics like the Ball Chair and the Egg Chair. To illustrate this style in your home, you may also want to look for tables and chairs in bright colors, vintage appliances, and accessories like a mid-century rug or a George Nelson clock. Varied colors and textures will complete the look and have you on your way to a retro style home.

Traditional Style
Traditional remains one of the most popular decorating styles. This style has a familiar feeling and appeals to most age groups. Traditional style homes often feature decorative trim and detailing like crown molding and patterned fabrics. These homes are accessorized but not over the top, remaining pleasantly predictable and without any wild accents.

To decorate your home in traditional style you’ll want to start with jewel toned walls. Remember the emphasis is on comfort, and to achieve a look of understated elegance. Wallpaper can be used to add life to your walls, and its patterns should complement your fabric choices. Use varied textures and fabrics, but keep your overall look consistent- do not try to mesh too many different style groups. Choose lamps with ivory or white shades in the living room and a four posted bed in the bedroom, and you’ll be on your way to a stunning exhibit of traditional style.

Country Style
If you like things that are homemade, or look that way, you should consider decorating your home in a country style. Homes with country style décor have a rustic feeling, with simple patterns and warm, cozy rooms. As with other styles, the best way to start to achieve a country home is to start with paint. This time, you’ll want to paint your rooms with muted earthy colors. Accent this with splashes of classis blues, greens, and yellows. Use fabrics with plaid or floral prints and be sure to display your favorite handmade rugs and quilts.

A great way to accent country homes is with small accent pieces made of metal, particularly copper or pewter. If you’re crafty, you should definitely consider this style for at least one room of your home, as it offers a great way to display handmade baskets, pottery, quilts, painting, and more. Open shelving is also a popular choice to display all these great items. When it comes to selecting furniture, choose antique pieces with few details and painted surfaces, like a great rocking chair or pine table.

Contemporary Style
Uncluttered and light filled is the simplest definition of what a contemporary space should look like. Add an open floor plan and you’re on your way to contemporary heaven. Contemporary has become one of the most popular decorating styles, and it’s easy to see why. To achieve a contemporary look, focus on creating an uncluttered open space with minimal furnishings. Clean lines are a must, so when choosing contemporary furniture look for simple, functional pieces. When it comes to colors, neutrals, blacks, and whites will help you to best create a contemporary space. A few bright accents will brighten up your space while keeping it cool, calm, and contemporary.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when decorating in this style is that less is more. Choose recessed lighting when possible, and in larger rooms try a floor lamp with sleek, straight lines. To accent your space, choose pieces that combine glass and metal or stone, bringing together seemingly contrasting elements in creative ways. Wall art is a must in this decorating style, with black and white photography being an extremely popular choice.

Decorating in modern style intimidates some people because when done incorrectly sleek and streamlined can be misinterpreted as stark and cold. If you’re willing to keep a careful eye, however, modern style can be an excellent choice for your space and is perhaps one of the most captivating design choices when done correctly. Like contemporary decorating, modern decorating works best in open spaces. Streamlined pieces with clean lines are also favored, but this time shy away from neutrals and use bold colors. The goal of modern decorating is to make a bold statement, while still creating an inviting space.

When choosing modern furniture look for neutral upholstery. Leather is a popular choice, as is low profile furniture with simple designs. Glass is a great choice for tables and accent pieces, adding a chic complement to your modern space. Wherever possible, choose the sleek look of stainless steel appliances. Be willing to take chances with bold style for a space that will be uniquely yours.


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