Basics of Web Designing

Basics of Web Designing

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Web designing encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and management of web sites. The various fields of web design encompass web graphic design; web user interface design; writer in web content management; search engine optimization; and user experience design. Web developers design web sites from scratch, whereas web designers create sites from templates. Web pages are typically created using hypertext markup language (HTML). Web browsers read HTML documents and interpret them according to their format and structure. Designers use webmaster tools such as web pages, CSS, JavaScript, and image maps to style web pages.

There are various web designing languages used in today’s market. These include ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Java, C++, and Ruby on rails (Rails). ASP is a server side language, whereas PHP is a server side application language. ColdFusion utilizes Java servlets for its back-end applications and is similar to the way SpringFusion handles the back-end of various web applications. Ruby on rails provides a framework for developing web applications and makes writing automated applications much easier.

Some web designing languages are written in a high level of JavaScript. JavaScript has a number of different coding styles including closures, scoping, and static typing. Some common JavaScript coding features include: braces, function declarations, brackets, var statements, function declarations with arguments, and expressions. In addition to these features, there are several other features that you may want to consider including: default arguments or dictionary arguments, automatic return type, default expression, anonymous function, and expression at the end of a line, and variable declaration. A notable difference between languages like C and JavaScript is that Java has a single type, whereas in both C and JavaScript, multiple types can be used.

CSS is often used when web designing since it is very important to style the pages. It helps make the page looks more appealing and allows for the designer to create fluid and consistent layouts. Most people who look at websites are not very familiar with coding languages. CSS works to provide an elegant style guide that can be implemented by web designers.

When you are web designing, it is very important to understand and know what tags are and what they do. A common coding mistake in web designing is using tag names that are too long. Tags are required to identify elements in a webpage. Long tags usually make the webpage harder to read. Read more about 홈페이지제작

There are many different things that go into web designing such as: web designing software, web designing tools, style sheets, images, Flash, etc… The importance of using web designing tools is that they simplify the process of creating a webpage. Web design software usually allows for the creation of stylesheets and html codes. If the designer has knowledge of CSS, then this makes things easier since web designing is dependent on coding. Style sheets provide for easy reference and help to maintain consistency throughout the site.


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